Psychologist Explains Parenting Connections Between Mobile Devices And Anxiety Albany NY

Local business owners, we know full well the impact mobile devices have had on commerce and customer service.  We have also, no doubt, noticed as parents the impact on teen and preteen mental health.  Local psychologists in your area may be offering worthwhile advice and counseling that can help your parenting, and help your teen or preteen child manage the social pressures that come with mobile device use.

The Impact of Mobile Devices and Social Media on the Mental Health of Teens and Preteens

Academic Psychologists who work with parents to handle the demands of modern life, have been reporting firsthand the impact that mobile devices and social media can have on the mental health of teens and preteens. On the one hand, these technologies can provide a wealth of information and opportunities for connection and communication. On the other hand, they can also contribute to feelings of isolation, anxiety, and low self-esteem.

The Upsides of Mobile Devices and Social Media

One of the primary advantages of mobile devices and social media is their ability to connect people, especially those who may feel disconnected or isolated in their offline lives. Social media can provide teens and preteens with a sense of community and belonging, as well as a way to stay in touch with friends and family who may not live nearby.

In addition to the social aspects, mobile devices and social media provide access to an abundance of information and resources at any time. Students can use these technologies to conduct research for school projects, keep abreast of current events, and discover their passions and interests.

The Downsides of Mobile Devices and Social Media

Mobile devices and social media can have positive and negative effects on the mental health of adolescents and preteens, respectively. The impact of social media on body image and self-esteem has been identified as a major concern by psychologists and parents alike. With the constant flow of carefully curated and often unrealistic images and perceptions derived from social media platforms, it can be easy for young people to compare themselves to others and feel inadequate when observing their peers' engagement and receiving Likes.

In addition to its effect on body image, social media can also contribute to feelings of anxiety and FOMO (fear of missing out) among adolescents and preteens during their crucial social adjustment phase. The constant notifications and pressure to remain connected can result in feelings of overload and a dread of missing out on significant events or social gatherings.

The potential for cyberbullying and online harassment of their adolescent or preteen child can also overwhelm parents. While the anonymity of the Internet allows people to say things they might not in person, it can also lead to the dissemination of harmful and hurtful comments. This can have severe effects on the mental health of the targeted individual, leading to feelings of anxiety, depression, and even suicidal ideation.

Get Help From A Licensed Psychologist Who Is Mindful Of This Parenting Challenge

We have become increasingly reliant on social media for communication, entertainment, and connection as a society. While social media has many advantages, a growing body of research indicates that it can also have negative effects on mental health, particularly in adolescent girls.

According to an American Psychological Association review of the literature, adolescent social media use has been linked to increased levels of anxiety and depression. Girls, in particular, appear to be more vulnerable to the negative effects of social media than boys.

One reason for this could be that girls use social media in a different way than boys. Girls are more likely to use social media to present themselves and seek approval and validation from others, which can lead to anxiety and low self-esteem if these needs are not met. Girls are also more likely to be victims of cyberbullying and online harassment, which can have serious mental health consequences.

The pressure to present a perfect image on social media may also contribute to increased anxiety in girls. Many girls feel pressure to constantly update their social media profiles and present a carefully curated image of their lives, which can be exhausting and lead to feelings of inadequacy if they fall short of these expectations.

There is also evidence that suggests that constant exposure to social media can lead to a lack of face-to-face social interaction, which is essential for the development of social skills and emotional well-being. Girls who spend too much time on social media may miss out on opportunities to develop these skills, which can lead to feelings of isolation and anxiety.

Psychologist Workshop Event In The Albany NY Area

Dr. Randy L. Cale, a highly experienced psychologist in the Albany NY area, will lead a workshop on how to manage technology in a healthy and predictable manner. Dr. Cale will share strategies for reducing fears about electronics and technology in this engaging and informative session, as well as a clear set of proven strategies for managing technology without constant negotiation and argument. You can bring peace of mind and a peaceful home environment by using these tools.

This workshop will be held at Forts Ferry Elementary in the Latham area of Albany New York on January 10th from 6:30-8pm. Dr. Cale is a licensed psychologist, author, speaker, and parenting coach who has appeared on NBC and Fox News, as well as in numerous magazines and newspapers. He provides Neurofeedback Mapping (Qeeg) and Neurofeedback Training as part of his practice to help children and adults with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, OCD, and depression from his office at Capital District Neurofeedback Therapy.

Do you have children who are addicted to electronics or refuse to turn them off? Are you unsure how to set boundaries or concerned about the effects of screen time? This is the seminar for you. Learn how to get your children out of academic ruts, stop disrespect and talking back, and promote healthy habits.



The Power Of Reviews On A Local Business’ Bottom Line, Explained

A phenomenal study has just been released, and it's raising eyebrows with local business owners and local business marketers alike.  The study makes an excellent case for quantifying how much a review affects a local business' bottom line.

It's not going to be a shock to LocalBusinessWatch readers that reviews play a significant impact in encouraging consumers to select a specific local business for their next purchase or choosing a service. In fact, survey after survey has proven that the majority of consumers read reviews before selecting a local business from the available alternatives, and most local search professionals consider review metrics such as review volume, star rating, and review keywords to be crucial ranking considerations. Are they right?  Can the impact of ratings be measured? This is one of the questions covered in the recent SOCi report, State of Google Reviews. The paper analyzes the Google profiles of over 31,000 chain and franchise firms that got a total of 4,9 million reviews between January 2015 and July 2022.  Local Business Watch encourages all local business owners to see the study for themselves, and plan 2023 accordingly.

The study seeks to correlate monthly gains in star ratings, the number of reviews, and the number of reviews to which the business responded with changes in conversion rate. The data points available in Google-managed profiles, specifically searches and actions, define conversion rate (referred to as “interactions”).

If we assume that each search is an instance of a company profile appearing in a SERP and each action is an instance of a consumer taking a step that is likely to lead to a transaction, then we can define conversion rate as the percentage of searches that result in an action.

The definition of conversion rate is the proportion of searches that result in an action.  SOCi discovered that the typical Google profile generates 7,927 search impressions per month and converts 4.2% of those impressions into a phone call, address enquiry, or website visit across the whole data set.

Influence Of Review Rating Count

The study evaluates instances in which a venue acquired new ratings from one month to the next, with an emphasis on the most statistically significant range of findings, ranging from 0 to 45 new ratings. On a scatter plot depicting rating increases relative to conversion rate increases, the best-fitting line analysis was applied. The result indicates that the conversion rate increases by 2.8% for every 10 additional reviews. The largest increase in conversion rate for businesses with 45 new reviews in one month was 11.2%.

Influence Of Testimonials Versus That Of The Star Rating

The study also indicates that the conversion rate of business profiles improves when the average star rating increases. According to this portion of the analysis, the statistically meaningful range of monthly improvements is between 0.1 and 1.0 stars. By dividing this range into increments of 0.1 and reapplying the best fit line analysis, we discovered that for every 0.1-star rise in average star rating, a Google profile converts 4.4% more than it did previously. Therefore, the star rating has a bigger impact on increasing conversions than the total number of ratings.

Implications Of Review Rating Reaction

Consumers are more inclined to give a positive rating to a business if it responds to customer reviews, according to surveys. If this evaluation is accurate, then data analysis should indicate that business profiles convert more frequently when the business actively reacts to its reviews. In this section of the study, the data were analyzed to determine whether there was a correlation between conversion rate and the total proportion of reviews to which a company reacted. According to the study, the conversion rate increases by 16.4% when a business reacts to all of its evaluations instead of none. Additionally, conversion rates increase correspondingly with response rates.

In contrast to rating volume and average rating, the results are not as linear. The greatest increase in conversion rate happens when a firm replies to 75% of its reviews, indicating that organizations do not need to respond to all reviews to make a favorable impression on customers.

How Testimonials Effect Conversions

What effect do reviews have on conversion rates? Key question!  Many business owners do not require convincing that more reviews will improve their bottom line or that reacting to reviews will leave a favorable impression on customers. Surprisingly, however, many businesses continue to disregard these principles, with only one-third of enterprises responding to their Google reviews. Quantifying the benefits requires data demonstrating the usefulness of establishing and responding to reviews.

The Bottom Line

A company earning an average of $30 per transaction will produce approximately $9,988 per month from Google, assuming that all calls, clicks, and address requests result in a sale. Receiving 10 new reviews improves revenue by $280 for this company; improving the rating by 0.1 stars increases revenue by $440; and replying to all reviews (rather than none) increases revenue by $1,638. There are other other elements that affect conversion rates, and these results are by no means certain, but they imply that fundamental reputation management strategies have a measurable impact on business performance.

Reviews Increasing Effects On Consumer Choices

Over nine out of ten customers (95%) read product reviews before they choose to purchase something. Additionally, 58% of these shoppers say they are willing to pay more for products that have good reviews.

Online review statistics show that nearly all internet users have at some point, or “occasionally,” looked at online reviews for local businesses. Meanwhile, 77% “always” or “regularly” read these localized online reviews. This figure is up from 60% in 2020. How many people “never” read reviews for local businesses? Just 2% (way down from 13% in 2020).

The average number of reviews that American consumers need to read before trusting a business is 10. But, 31% of consumers read more than 10 reviews (up to 55+) before this trust is formed. Younger age groups said they need to read more reviews than this average before they can trust a business.

According to a survey, over half (54.7%) of consumers read a minimum of four reviews before they decide to purchase something. The remaining sum, about 44%, admit they read three or fewer consumer reviews.

Fun Facts Clifton Park

The Clifton Park Origin Story

The first inhabitants of the region were Native Americans who lived along the banks of the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers. The area was called Canastigione or Corn Plains because the Mohicans and Mohawks grew corn near the Mohawk River plain. During the period of European settlement, Clifton Park shared a similar history with its neighboring town of Halfmoon. In the mid-16th century, European settlers from Albany and Schenectady moved north and established farms and homesteads in the Clifton Park and Halfmoon regions. The ferry was operated by Cornelius Claes Vandenbergh, an early settler in the region. In 1727, Nicholas Fort established a rope ferry across the river.

Another descendant of the Vischer family, Nanning Vischer, was a captain in the American Revolution and was buried in the Nanning Vischer Cemetery in 1813. In 1763, after the French and Indian War ended, more settlers moved to Clifton Park and Halfmoon because the farmland was promising.

Alexander Macintosh's tombstone dates to 1807 and is one of the oldest in the cemetery at the site of Grooms' former Methodist Episcopal Church. It is also called Macintosh Cemetery by some. In 1791 Halfmoon, once part of Albany County, became a Saratoga County town. In 1828 Halfmoon and Clifton Park separated, and Clifton Park retained the name of the 1708 Clifton Park Land Patent, originally granted to early land speculators. Clifton Park held its first town meeting in 1828 at Grooms Tavern.

The town of Clifton Park continued to grow even after it separated from Halfmoon County. Ephraim Stevens, Clifton Park's first town manager, operated a hotel in Stevens Corners in the 1820s. In 1825, the Erie Canal opened, boosting trade and improving access to the region and the world. The Crescent Aqueduct in Halfmoon and the Rexford Aqueduct in Clifton Park brought the Erie Canal across the Mohawk River and extended 13 miles into Saratoga County. Until the mid-20th century, Clifton Park was an agricultural town. Clifton Park's early industries included farming, dairy farms, ice making, and apple orchards. There were also sawmills and gristmills along the Mohawk River. In addition, churches of all denominations sprang up throughout the region, providing an anchor for families settling in the area. Clifton Parks villages had small one-room schoolhouses. The construction of the Adirondack Northway (I-87) in the early 1960s connected Clifton Park to the capital city of Albany and other towns in the area, making it easier for residents of this small community to get around. Clifton Park continues to be a community for all seasons, with a new chapter in its history, offering not only a vibrant business environment, but also in-town recreation, outdoor fun, apple picking, ice skating, libraries, historic sites, arts and entertainment!

General Information About Clifton Park

Clifton Park, NY is a town of great restaurants, attractions, history and people. Clifton Park is home to about 38,866 people and Saratoga County is home to about 200,635. We want to help people who are moving to or living in Clifton Park understand the dynamics of the city. That's why we've gathered information from a variety of reputable sources to help you better understand Clifton Park. We've included information about Clifton Park's housing situation, demographics, social and educational characteristics, and even economic information below.

Saratoga County, where Clifton Park is located, is 843.71 square miles. The population of this county is 200,635 and it is ranked 273rd among all places in the United States. Clifton Park has a total population of 38,866, of which 19,046 are male and 19,820 are female. The average age of the male population is 35.9 years and the average age of the female population is 37.5 years. There are approximately 2,619 births per year and approximately 1,402 deaths. The racial distribution of Clifton Park's population varies each year, but currently 38,427 people are of one race and 439 are of two or more races. 10,532 of Clifton Park's 38,866 residents are under the age of 20. The gender breakdown of the population aged 20 and under in Clifton Park is 5,443 males, and 5,089 females. If you have children or are under 20 years old, you are included in these statistics. For those who are older, then you will be part of the population that are 18 and over and total 29,001.Social Characteristics of Clifton Park. Of these households, 54,000 are families. The following table divides Clifton Park households into three distinct groups. Married couple families (43,915), male-headed households without a wife (2,624), and female-headed households without a husband (6,420). The remaining households in Clifton Park consist of non-family households, totaling 24,427.Clifton Park, NY moving companies help people relocate locally and globally.

For years, the U.S. has compiled statistics on the ratio of males to females age 15 and older in cities across the country, including Clifton Park. This information helps people analyze the area in which they live or to which they are moving. In the county where Clifton Park is located, there are 81,618 women age 15 and older; of these women, 17,877 have never been married, 46,732 are now married, 1,977 are separated, 7,473 are widowed, and 7,559 are divorced. For males, there are N/A males age 15 and older: N/A never married, N/A married now, 1,784 separated, 1,699 widowed, and 5,806 never married. Below you will find a lot of important information about the social characteristics of Clifton Park. If you are moving to or from Clifton Park and need a place to store your belongings, you should check out the MovingIdeas.org Clifton Park, NY self storage or storage guides quote page.

About Clifton Park's Education and School Enrollment

School enrollment refers to students currently attending school, both private and public. Knowing how many schools there are in a given area can help you make decisions for your children's environment and even job market.  The total population of the district, which includes Clifton Park, is 51,400 students. There were 14,334 children enrolled in daycare centers and kindergartens and 68,955 children enrolled in elementary and secondary schools. There were 10,296 enrolled in universities and colleges. Educational attainment is defined as the highest level of education completed in terms of highest grade or highest level of schooling completed. There are 156,118 employed persons age 16 and older in Clifton Park. Occupational categories in Clifton Park include management, professional, and related occupations (41,042); service occupations (13,835); sales and office occupations (27,709); agriculture, fishing, and forestry occupations (379); construction, extraction, maintenance, and repair occupations (8,228); and production, transportation, and material moving occupations (11,705). The 156,118 employed persons aged 16 and older are broken down by employee category. There are 76,463 private wage and salary workers, 19,578 government employees, and 6,586 self-employed workers. In Clifton Park, NY there are 86,701 housing units; of these housing units, approximately 78,165 are occupied and 8,536 are vacant. Housing types change over the years, but single-family homes have remained relatively constant. There are 52,537 single family homes with 1 apartment in Clifton Park. There are a total of 4,073 single-family homes with 1 unit in Clifton Park, also known as townhomes or townhouses.  There are 525 apartment units for rent under $200, 630 for rent between $200-299, 3,625 for rent between $300-499 and 15,616 for rent $500 and up.

Landmark: The Friendship Church

The Friendship Church was founded in 1802 in Vischers Ferry. The Dutch Village congregation first crossed the river to worship at the Dutch Reformed Church in Niskayuna. The original church in Amity faced east and stood on the site of the present church. When the village outgrew the church in 1871, it was replaced with a larger, south-facing church that could seat 350 people. Unfortunately, the second church was destroyed by fire only 16 years later. In 1888, the sanctuary was built and still stands today.

Landmark: Grooms Tavern

The historic Grooms Tavern has changed several times since its beginnings as a simple grocery store. Located on the southwest corner of Grooms Road and Sugar Hill Road in Clifton Park, the building was built in 1800 by Seely Blotchily and leased and managed by Albany merchant William Snyder. James Groom owned converted the building from a grocery store to a tavern in 1828 . In April 1828, the town of Clifton Park officially incorporated Groom's Tavern. Since that first town council meeting in 1828, other annual meetings were held at Grooms Tavern. James Groom served as town clerk from 1832 to 1835 and was town supervisor from 1836 to 1837. When his son Samuel Groom purchased the tavern, a wagon making shop and blacksmith shop were added to the property. From the mid-19th to the mid-20th century, Groom's Tavern was converted to a store, but also remained a popular meeting place and was regularly used for town government meetings. In December 1999, Grooms Tavern finally found a permanent owner when the Clifton Park Town Council purchased it. Since then, the Municipality has restored the first floor of the building and preserved it for the future. On April 14, 2007, Grooms Tavern reopened as a historic and cultural center.


Landmark: Clifton Park Center

The Clifton Park Center, formerly known as Clifton Country Mall, is a large shopping center in Clifton Park, New York. As of 2022, the mall will be populated by traditional chain Boscovs , JCPenney and Marshalls HomeGoods. The mall features 72 stores and a food court. In 2006, part of the northern section of the mall was converted into a lifestyle concept.  In August 2009, a stand-alone lifestyle building was developed.  In 2011, the original movie theater in and around the mall was replaced with a new, much larger, state-of-the-art Regal Cinema and a five-story Hilton Garden Inn.

Landmark: Clifton Knolls-Mill Creek

Clifton Knolls-Mill Creek is a census-designated place (CDP) in the town of Clifton Park , Saratoga County , New York , United States. It was first listed as a CDP before the 2020 census. The community is located in southern Saratoga County, southeast of downtown Clifton Park. It is bordered by Clifton Park Center Road to the north, Moe Road to the east, Grooms Road to the south, and Vischer Ferry Road to the west. The Clifton Gardens CDP is bordered on the east by Clifton Knolls-Mill Creek across Moe Road. The hamlet of Clifton Park Center is located in the northwest corner of the CDP. Clifton Knolls-Mill Creek is 17 miles (27 km) north of Albany , 10 miles (16 km) east of Schenectady , and 19 miles (31 km) south of Saratoga Springs.

Nearby Albany

Albany is located in the Hudson Valley, surrounded by scenic mountain ranges. The city is on the west bank of the Hudson River in the eastern part of New York State, about 150 miles (240 km) north of New York City and about 35 miles (52 km) south of Saratoga Lake.

Nearby Rexford

Rexford is a decidedly white-collar city, with 90.15% of the working population employed in white-collar occupations, well above the national average. Overall, Rexford is a city of professionals, managers, sales and office workers.  Rexford is truly a city of the white collar professionals.

Nearby Latham

Whether you have just moved to the area or are considering a move, Latham, NY is a great place to live, work and play. The town offers a mix of local restaurants with home-style cooking, businesses that pride themselves on being the “best place to work”, upscale luxury living, and activities for people of all ages.

Fun Facts Naperville Illinois

Naperville Riverwalk

This location is known as the crown jewel of Naperville. On the banks of the Dupage River, there is a location regarded as beautiful and serene. It is comprised of 1.75 miles of walled walkways, fountains, bridges, gathering and event areas, outdoor sculptures and artwork, leisure amenities, and memorials. The Naperville Riverwalk was constructed in 1981 as a permanent tribute to the city's 150th birthday. Fredenhagen Park, with its distinctive clock tower and Exchange Club Memories fountain, is located to the east.

The Dandelion Fountain, the Rowing Boat Quarry, and the distinctive Bell Tower are located in the middle. Historic Centennial Beach is located further to the west, with water depths ranging from zero to fifteen feet.

FUN FACT: The Illinois Department of Public Health classifies it as a beach rather than a swimming pool. The water is chlorinated, recirculated, and manually cleaned to remove contaminants, but it is not filtered as it would be in a standard swimming pool. Centennial Park's inline skating/skateboarding facilities and Jaycee Playground are located to the west.

The Naperville Riverwalk is one of the area's many unique and free forms of entertainment.
The Riverwalk offers a therapeutic experience with almost 1.75 miles of walled paths that pass by serene scenery, fountains, parks, artwork, and the DuPage River.

“I adore the Riverwalk – there is an upper brick, lower concrete walk or jog you can do, which I do most days along the river – there are plants, flowers, fish, ducks, kayakers, different families, water fountains, covered bridges, occasional snakes, frogs, and even a heron or two now and then to view.” – Jenna Wilson

Great place for sundowners or sunsets – bikes are not permitted – it is lighted so you can even walk at dusk – lots of people of all ages, babies in strollers, on the trail – early morning and peaceful – there is a new playground west of the quarry – clean restrooms, access to many restaurants – paddle boats and kayaks can be rented from May to September, and during the summer there is a Riverwalk Café near the turning hill.

During certain weekend hours, it is also possible to climb Carilllon and view the surrounding area from above.

The Naperville Historic District

The Naperville Historic District in Naperville's downtown is a wonderful spot for recreation.
The Naper Settlement is the most important historic site. The Naperville Historic District is a National Register of Historic Places-listed collection of 613 buildings located in the oldest eastern section of Naperville. This historic museum features renovated historic structures that were relocated from several Naperville areas. The grounds next to the Naper Settlement are extremely lovely and provide several chances for recreation.

The Naperville Park District

The Naperville Park District manages and provides recreational and leisure activities to Naperville and neighboring region people. In 1966, the district was founded by referendum.
In 2007, the Park District oversaw more than 10 square miles of open space, including more than 130 parks and four sports facilities.

The Park District also manages Springbrook and Naperbrook golf courses. The Park District is also responsible for the Naperville Riverwalk, whose development began in 1981 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Joseph Naper's first settlement. The Park District also manages Centennial Beach and Centennial Park, two skateboard and in-line skating parks at the Frontier Sports Complex and Centennial Park, Commissioners Park, which opened in 2006 and features Naperville's first official cricket field, the Alfred Rubin Riverwalk Community Center, and the Community Garden Plots on West Street. Knoch Knolls Park, which features a short mountain bike track and a nine-hole Frisbee golf course, is situated between Ring Road and 95th Street in the south.

Quarry Lake In Naperville

In season, Quarry Lake offers boating and fishing options. The footbridges over the river are lovely. Moser Tower is an additional must-see landmark. Overall, a visit to the historic quarter of Naperville will be highly entertaining.

The Moser Tower and the Millennium Carillon

Due to the construction of the Moser Tower and the Millennium Carillon, Naperville was named a White House Millennium Community in 1999. The tower is a bell tower located in Riverwalk Park north of Aurora Avenue and at the base of Rotary Hill. The carillon is a Grand Carillon with 72 bells and one of only four carillons in the world with a six-octave range.
It was dedicated on June 29, 2000, as part of an Independence Day event attended by more than 15,000 people and included performances by the Naperville Municipal Band and the Naperville Mens Glee Club and Festival Chorus. The carillon can be played manually or electronically.
The majority of the bells are rung manually, however a computerized system rings half of the bells at specified times of the day.

The carillon is currently operational and can be observed following performances.
FUN FACT: In the fall of 2005, the Naperville City Council debated financing disputes for the tower's completion (and have not been resolved to date).

The tower's design was acknowledged as the best tailored solution by the Precast/Pretensioned Concrete Institute

Where Are The Naperville Municipalities?

There are six municipalities in two counties that make up Naperville. The northwest half of Dupage County is located in Winfield Township, the northeast portion is located in Milton Township, the west central portion is located in Naperville Township, and the east central portion is located in Lisle Township.

The southwest half of Will County is in Wheatland Township, whereas the southeast portion is in DuPage Township. The majority of residents of Naperville reside in Lisle Township, followed by Naperville Township.

North Central College of Naperville

North Central College is located on a 23.9-acre campus on Chicago Avenue in downtown Naperville.
Since 1870, it has been located in Naperville, where it was established in 1861 by a precursor congregation of the United Methodist Church.

Northern Illinois University's Naperville satellite campus

Northern Illinois University's satellite campus on Diehl Road provides multiple degree programs in 10,500 square feet, whereas DePaul University's satellite campus is located on Warrenville Road. Rickett Drive is where the College of DuPage Naperville Regional Center is located.

State University also has constructed a satellite campus in Naperville on West 95th Street, while Northwestern College has a location on North Mill Street.
In 2007, the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign established a campus for Business & Industrial Services in Naperville.

Naperville's Primary and Secondary Education

Two public elementary and secondary school districts serve the city of Naperville (along with a number of private, parochial schools, including public schools in neighboring Aurora and Lisle).
According to their district, Illinois school districts are assigned numbers.

FUN FACT: In 1972, primary and high school districts merged to form Naperville Community Unit School District 203, which covers downtown Naperville (as well as portions of the neighboring cities of Lisle and Bolingbrook).

Current school buildings in District 203 were constructed between 1928 (Ellsworth) and 2010 (Ann Reid Early Childhood Education Center).

Within the city confines of Naperville, the district operates two high schools, Naperville Central High School and Naperville North High School, four middle schools, and thirteen elementary schools. In addition, the school system has one primary and one high school in Lisle.
Indian Prairie School District 204 (IPSD) was also created in 1972 as a result of district consolidation.

Health Care Systems In Naperville

Naperville is served by Edward Hospital, Good Samaritan in Downers Grove, Central DuPage in Winfield, and two other hospitals in nearby Aurora. Edward Hospital and others have attempted for many years to construct a new hospital in Naperville, but their proposal has been denied. This makes Naperville the only major Illinois city with a single hospital.  Currently, Edward Hospital is attempting to open a hospital in Plainfield to reduce commute time for Naperville residents.

Naperville's Streets And Highways

As a typical American suburb, Naperville's major mode of transportation is the automobile.  The Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway (the toll portion of Interstate 88) is located near the northern city limits of Naperville and has three exits at IL 59, Winfield Road (near Warrenville), and Naperville Road.  I-55 passes through Bolingbrook and Romeoville approximately 5 miles south of the city.  To reach Naperville from Interstate 55, take the Weber Road exit and proceed north.

At an east-northwest/west-southwest angle, Route 34 Ogden Avenue approaches Naperville from the west at Illinois Route 59 from Oswego and Aurora. US 34 Ogden Ave turns north at Rickert Drive and runs under the BNSF Railroad bridge before turning east at North Aurora Road/Raymond Dr. Illinois Route 59 enters Naperville along this route. US 34 Ogden Avenue leaves the eastern portion of the city at Naper Boulevard and proceeds to Lisle and Downers Grove.

Illinois Route 59 goes north and south, entering the city from Plainfield (south of 111th Street) to the south and Warrenville (north of 111th Street) to the north (at I-88).
From US 34 Ogden Avenue to the BNSF railroad bridge, Route 59 defines the western boundary with Aurora.

111th St (Hassert Blvd), 95th St (Knoch Knolls Rd), 87th St, Aurora Ave, North Aurora Rd, Diehl Rd, Rickert Dr, Royce Rd, Bailey Rd, and Hobson Rd are important east-west streets.
Raymond Dr, Book Rd, River Rd, West St, Naperville-Plainfield Rd, Modaff Rd, Washington St, Naper Blvd (Naperville Rd), and Wehrli Rd are major north-south routes.

From 75th Street south, Naperville's east-west numbered streets essentially follow the same grid as Chicago's.

If 75th Street continued east beyond its terminus at Illinois Route 83 in Willowbrook, it would become the same 75th Street as in the Chicago metropolitan region.

The older section of Naperville, however, has a second number grid that stretches from downtown Main and Benton to 15th Avenue through 4th and 5th Avenues, north of the BNSF tracks.
From downtown, the numbers in the older system increase from south to north, whereas in the other grids the numbers increase from north to south. There is also a geographically-based naming system, with streets to the west and north defining the original city borders.

Additionally, roadways are named after the city to which they lead, such as Naper/Plainfield Road, Aurora Avenue, and Chicago Avenue (in neighboring Lisle it becomes Maple Ave. before becoming 55th Street in Downers Grove).

Naperville's Rail connections

The initial rail connection to Chicago was established in 1864. Today, three BNSF Railway tracks run through the northern portion of Naperville, and passenger service is provided by Metra and Amtrak. Illinois Zephyr, California Zephyr, and Southwest Chief are the three Amtrak routes that pass through Naperville. At Wolfs Crossing, a third Metra stop is proposed for the STAR line.

Naperville's Transit service

Pace is contracted to offer shuttle bus service to Metra stations and local lunch service.
In addition, there are bus lines between Naperville, Aurora (serving Westfield Fox Valley Mall), and Wheaton (serving College of DuPage).
Best Airport Near Naperville

Like most areas in this part of Illinois, Chicago OHare Airport is your best bet. Chicago Midway Airport are approximately 45 km and 40 km from Naperville, while the private Naper Aero Club Field (LL-10) is located on the western outskirts of the city. The field is renowned as the Lima Flying Squadron's home.

New Feature: Commercial Photographers In Chicago

Featured Local Business: Commercial Photographer in Chicago

New Feature: Commercial Photographers In Chicago

Photography as a field of study can be many things: a technical skill, an artistic practice, a historical development, a theoretical or conceptual framework, or support for practices in other fields. Here at Local Business Watch, we are in awe of a gentleman who employs it as a commercial endeavor in the windy city of Chicago.

More about his fine work later, but first…

Considering A Career In Photography?

Many professional and corporate photographers will tell those considering a career in photography that the technical skills are the easiest part of the business, and alone are not enough to make a successful career serving a local business community. University career counselors may recommend to budding photographers to focus their study to illuminate what you have to say about the world and, to a lesser extent, how to turn that into a viable career or business. In the commercial field, most photographers are freelancers who work for many clients and have different tasks to accomplish every day.


Although the business of a corporate photographer is different from that of a commercial photographer, the career path will likely be similar: years of assisting and building experience before starting my own business. Focusing on a niche that better suits one's skills and core interests can be a great entry into starting such a business. This can help in an aspect unrelated to photography at all… building a network of relationships with a potential client base, to help facilitate a steady stream of business projects. As the industry stands right now, most follow the paths of specializing in corporate portraits, architecture, advertising or promotional content.

The glamorous careers as fashion photographers or art stars, brave status quo challenging photo journalists or documentary filmmakers isn't for everyone. Teaching at universities or work in support roles is still reachable, and the fields of photo editors, retouchers, printers, curators, designers, and archivists still exist in the digital age. We know a sizeable amount of our readers are photography enthusiasts. Below are some resources that can help you get started on turning a side hustle into a career.

Resources For Professional Photographers

Professional Photographers of America: Since its founding in 1880, the PPA has attracted more than 26,000 members in 54 countries. Photographers can prepare for and take the CPP exam to earn a professional credential that shows employers that their skills meet certain standards and ethics.

National Press Photographers Association: this organization was founded in 1946 when the first issue of National Press Photographer was published. The NPPA is dedicated to professional advocacy and continuing education for photographers working in journalism. Members receive exclusive access to discounts on insurance and products, are listed in the Find a Photographer database, and receive a subscription to News Photographer magazine.

National Association of Photoshop Professionals: NAPP was founded by Kelby Media Group and is based in Oldsmar, Florida. Subscribers have access to professional software tutorials, members-only forums, Photoshop User Magazine, webcasts, and an online photo support service.

American Photographic Artists : The APA has three main missions- Advocacy, continuing education, and setting professional standards for photographers in the United States. Members have access to discounted rates on commercial insurance, exclusive APA newsletters, training manuals and discounts. APA is headquartered in San Francisco and has six regional chapters throughout the United States.

Fundamentals of Digital Image and Video Editing:
This course explores the basic tools and methods for creating and editing digital images. Students will learn image and video techniques, including enhancement, editing, and manipulation for various artistic, scientific, and commercial applications.

Seeing Through Photographs: this course encourages students to take a critical look at photographs in MoMA's collection. Topics include the difference between photographs and photographic images, how the context of an image influences its creation, photography as a means of communication, and historical storytelling through photographs.

Cameras, Exposure, and Photography: This course introduces students to all aspects of traditional and digital cameras, equipment, and accessories. Instructors will help students choose the right camera to produce the images they want. Trans Asia Photography Review: This international publication is edited by faculty from Hampshire College, the University of Wellington, and the University of Jamia. New issues of TAP are published twice a year and cover photography in Asia. Previous articles include commentaries on the work of Ai Weiwei, explorations of the Alkazi Foundation for the Arts in New Delhi, and a description of archival collection procedures used by Harvard University.

Photography Journals That Can Help A New Photography Business

Philosophy of Photography: this international journal contains articles dealing with the theory, techniques, critical approaches, and philosophy of photography. This journal is published twice a year and is edited by an editorial board from several academic institutions around the world.

Journal of Mass Communication & Journalism : This journal highlights the importance of photography in new media. Authors may submit research papers, commentaries, case studies, book reviews, and opinion pieces on mass communication and journalism. New issues are published every two months. The editorial board consists of professional journalists and educators based in Rome, Egypt, the United Kingdom, and several U.S. states.

Open Arts Journal : This journal contains essays, reviews, and research papers on the visual arts. This publication is published twice a year and is edited by an editorial board that includes several members of the Open University.

Slightly Out of Focus : Photojournalist Robert Capa survived five wars to capture combat in astonishing detail through his photographs. This is his memoir detailing his experiences as a professional documentary photographer during World War II.

Learning to See Creatively : This hugely popular book by Bryan Peterson emphasizes how people's perspectives on a situation differ. The eye can be a rich field of ideas; you just have to know how to look. Peterson's book shows you how to bring your creativity to your work.

LensCulture : This Paris-based online magazine is known among professional photographers for its outstanding annual awards ceremonies, such as the LensCulture Student Photography Awards and the LensCulture International Exposure Awards. The magazine accepts submissions in dozens of categories, including Fine Art, Urban, Alternative Process, Still Life, Festivals and Portraits. The magazine also publishes book reviews and interviews with professional photographers.

Nature Photographers: the official publication of the Natural Photographers Network, a professional organization dedicated to nature photography. The magazine features galleries in the following categories: Flora, Birds, Environmental Photojournalism, Wildlife, and Human Interactions with Nature.

Featured Local Business: Barry Butler, Chicago Photographer

Self-taught Chicago commercial photographer Barry Butler got his start more than 20 years ago. He has taken pictures all over the world, but he is best known for his pictures of Chicago. He was known as “Chicago's Picture Poet” by WGN-TV reporter Mike Lowe.  His work has been on TV, in books, in ads, and on the covers of music albums, among other places.

Click To Follow Barry Butler Photography On Twitter

Not only do his photos show up every day in local and national news, but Barry has also been on the Weather Channel, CNN-Espanol, WGN-TV, iHeartRadio Chicago, WBBM-AM Newsradio, Fox 32 Chicago, WGN-Radio 720, National Public Radio WBEZ, WLS-AM, CBS-2 Chicago, ABC-7's Windy City Live, WCIU-TV, to name a few, to talk about his work behind the scenes or share his experiences in the field.

Barry was named “Chicago's Best Photographer” by readers of the Chicago Reader newspaper in a poll for 2021.  Both the Huffington Post and Thrillist have said that his work is some of the best photography in Chicago.

Barry's first photography book, “Chicago, A City Above All,” came out in July 2020. It has more than 100 pictures of the Windy City.
The book has four parts: “Light,” “Drama,” “Spirit,” and “Flow.”  His images show amazing sunrises and sunsets, views along the Chicago River and Lake Michigan, how the city celebrates holidays and sports, and dramatic weather across the Chicago landscape.  In August 2022, Navy Pier asked Barry to make “Water Brings Life to Chicago,” a 16-month photo show about the water system in the Chicago area.

Barry is also on Facebook, Twitter (click his profile image above to follow him), and Instagram, where he posts pictures he took that day.  You can try to catch him on the ground, on top of roofs, or in the air in a helicopter taking pictures of Chicago.  In Chicago, he is often scouting locations or working behind the camera with his assistants Chopper and Tuskar.

You can discover more of Mr. Butler's many media appearances easily by searching in Google Maps for “Barry Butler Photography”, and going to his In The News section at his website.

Barry Butler is today's Local Business Watch's featured ‘Use Your News' business.  Right on, Barry!




Don’t Let Anxiety Rule Your Business Life

Don't let fear rule your life

The references here to the different types of anxiety and are not meant to diagnose you. But you may find them useful if you go to a doctor, psychologist, or counselor who uses these terms.

Anxiety is not a new phenomena, since COVID-19 and associated events like as unemployment and business closures have not contributed to it.  According to the National Institute Of Mental Health, 40 million people suffer from an anxiety disorder in the United States alone. As the most prevalent mental disorder, therapeutic choices are easily available; nonetheless, only 36.9% of sufferers receive assistance. Our minds are wired to consider survival, which in archaic times necessitated constant vigilance. This survival mode, called as “fight or flight,” was a code for situations requiring terror in order to reach a safer location. When anxiety becomes unmanageable or is accompanied by great fear or worry, it can interfere with daily living. Fortunately, there are techniques to lessen anxiety and anxiety attacks, and the best thing is that it can be done instantly and without the use of medicine. It is essential to be aware that natural medicines can frequently be safely coupled with conventional medical treatments, but it is always better to see a physician first. And as business owners on main street, we may see this phenomenon in our employees and even our customers.

Frequently, anxiety disorders go undetected and untreated. Thankfully, treatment can be beneficial. The appropriate treatment can enhance your life quality, relationships, and productivity. Additionally, it can add to your overall health. You do not have to be always worried and anxious. Consult a physician if you discover symptoms of an anxiety disorder. It is optimal to receive a diagnosis and treatment as soon as feasible. This can reduce the potential negative effects of anxiety disorders. Oftentimes, a combination of medicine and therapy is effective in treating anxiety.  Know the information below may be of use to you in dealing with employees and customers, to aid you in conflict resolution.

Fear can cause anxiety

Everyone has at least one fear. Phobias, on the other hand, are unreasonable, severe, and seemingly all-encompassing fears. Specific phobias include the fear of heights, small places, dogs, germs, bees, snakes, spiders, difficult-to-escape circumstances, and flying. Specific phobias are the most prevalent type of anxiety disorder and might contain a number of the symptoms on our list of anxiety symptoms.


Some individuals experience stress in their stomach. People with IBS experience unpleasant digestive issues, such as abdominal pain, constipation, and diarrhea. The association between irritable bowel syndrome and anxiety is due to the fact that the neurological system controls the colon in part. The response of the neurological system to stress might influence the stomach.
Fifty to ninety percent of IBS patients also suffer from an anxiety disorder or depression. Stress management and psychotherapy may be used to alleviate IBS symptoms. Stress management and psychotherapy may be used to alleviate IBS symptoms.

Anxiety… or Phobia?

A phobia is an intense fear of—or aversion to—certain objects or situations. Although it may be realistic to be anxious in certain circumstances, the fear that people with phobias feel is out of proportion to the actual danger posed by the situation or object.

People with a phobia  may have an irrational or excessive preoccupation with the feared object or situation  They may take active steps to avoid the feared object or situation.  They experience intense immediate fear when they encounter the feared object or situation.  They approach unavoidable objects and situations with intense fear.

There are several types of phobias and phobia-related disorders.  Specific phobias (sometimes called simple phobias), as the name suggests, is about having a strong fear of or feel intense anxiety about certain objects or situations. Examples of specific phobias include fear of flies, certain animals, such as spiders, dogs, snakes, receiving injections,  or blood.

Social Anxiety Disorder (formerly called social phobia): People with social anxiety disorder have an intense, generalized fear or anxiety about social or performance situations. They fear that the actions or behaviors associated with their anxiety will be negatively evaluated by others, causing them to feel ashamed. This worry often causes people with social anxiety to avoid social situations.

People with agoraphobia have severe anxiety about two or more of the following situations such as using public transportation, waiting in line or standing in a crowd, being outside alone.  People with agoraphobia often avoid these situations, in part because they think it might be difficult or impossible to go out if they have panic reactions or other embarrassing symptoms. In the most severe form of agoraphobia, the person may become housebound.

Separation anxiety is often thought of as something that only children suffer from, but adults can also be diagnosed with separation anxiety. People with separation anxiety are afraid of being separated from the people they are connected to. They often worry that something will happen to their caregivers or something unpleasant will happen while they are separated. This fear causes them to avoid separation from their caregivers and being alone. People with separation anxiety may have nightmares about being separated from their caregivers or experience physical symptoms when separation occurs or is expected.

A more rare disorder associated with anxiety is selective mutism. Selective mutism is when people do not speak in certain social situations even though they have normal language skills. Selective mutism usually occurs before age 5 and is often associated with extreme shyness, fear of social embarrassment, obsessive-compulsive traits, withdrawal, clinging behavior, and outbursts of anger. Individuals diagnosed with selective mutism are often diagnosed with other anxiety disorders as well.

Panic or anxiety attacks are common. Panic disorders are less common, affecting about 2% of the population. For a person to be diagnosed with panic disorder, he or she usually must have had at least four panic attacks per month over an extended period of time. Often, panic attacks are not tied to a specific situation, but occur spontaneously.  Panic disorder can be diagnosed when panic attacks occur frequently and there is a strong and persistent fear of another attack.

Know the signs of anxiety

The symptoms of an anxiety disorder can be similar to those of a heart attack or other health emergency. If you are experiencing a panic attack for the first time or if you are worried about your health, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. If you are having an anxiety attack and are not sure if you should go to the emergency room or not, it is best to leave. Health professionals can make sure you are okay and getting the treatment you need.

If your social anxiety flares up at work, keep these tips in your pocket. Get away from friends: One of the first reactions to anxiety symptoms is to move away from the people you care about. If you don't want to spend time with your friends or partner, it could be a sign that you're putting all your mental energy into controlling your anxious thoughts. You are likely to distance yourself from the present and become mentally and emotionally exhausted as you try to remain calm.

New daily habits can reduce your anxiety

Compulsive behavior: From a logical perspective, you may recognize that anxious thoughts are just that… worries circulating in your brain but not your current reality. However, many people feel that these intrusive worries dominate their minds to the point that they can no longer control them. You may keep thinking that something is going to happen to your loved ones or that they're going to die, and you often pray to make sure they're safe.

Because your brain is on overdrive when you're anxious, you may have a very short fuse when dealing with other people. Or with technology, for that matter. Or with your pets. Being preoccupied with the emotions of anxiety, we can have little patience for small talk, can't stand it when something doesn't go our way, and may even argue with anyone who tries to help us.  Even if you're not the kind of person who lives at a party, you're probably at least enjoying the good times. Keep in mind, as anxiety increases, so does fear of social situations. Most people become more critical of themselves and worry about every interaction with strangers and even their closest colleagues. You may worry excessively about how you look, what people think of you, if people are talking about you behind your back, if no one likes you, if you sound stupid when you talk. This is a sign of social anxiety and often leads people to avoid social situations because of their fears.

Many people experience their most intense anxiety at almost the worst time: bedtime. It's very common for people to lie awake in bed thinking and worrying because suddenly all distractions are gone. But at night, when the demands of the day have fallen asleep, the thoughts we swept under the rug resurface and demand attention.

A not-so-fun fact is that the brain can't distinguish between a real threat (a tiger chasing you) and a perceived threat (worrying about being fired or anger from a friend). When you are in a fight-or-flight situation—either real danger or an imagined dangerous state—your body changes and does everything it can to survive.  Instead, the brain cuts off blood flow to the digestive system and diverts it to the muscles. The sensation can feel like a knot or a weight in the stomach, or even butterflies fluttering around. It's important to know that the brain and gut are connected because more than 90% of serotonin is in the gut. When our microbiome is compromised, we can feel ill.

Many people suffer from financial anxiety when they are barely making ends meet, but even those who have more than enough to get by can worry. If you or your partner lose your source of income, a large bill for medical treatment or home damage lands in your mailbox, or if you have to care for a sick parent, it puts a lot of financial stress on you. This stress can take the form of anxiety.  People can examine their relationship with money and its importance to their lives. When decisions are made that don't align with the importance of money, and as a result, desired goals can't be achieved, some anxiety is inevitable. For example, if money means security and freedom, and you don't manage your money in a way that allows you to experience security and freedom, it will undoubtedly trigger anxiety.

Get to the root of the Anxiety problem

Whether you have toxic co-workers or a boss who micromanages you, going into the office every day is a surefire way to trigger anxiety symptoms. Most people in the United States spend a disproportionate amount of time at work or at work, even when they're at home. Most people take their email to bed with them, where the phone is just inches from their pillow. This constant thought that we need to be connected creates anxiety. We're always available, and we're expected to be available— that's a source of stress. The workload is heavier, the workday is longer and seems endless, as our devices keep us tethered to work even on vacation. If you can't shake the impression that you hate your job, talking to a professional about an appropriate therapy that can have positive change. They can help you deal with feelings of insecurity, lack of control and lack of control over yourself while at work.

Anxiety can be situational, genetic and chemical, and all three factors – your circumstances/environment, your DNA and your chemical makeup – contribute to the development of an anxiety disorder. There are many neurotransmitters in our brain that affect our mood. The main ones that affect anxiety are serotonin, GABA, dopamine and norepinephrine. When the levels or uptake of these neurotransmitters are disrupted, it can lead to anxiety. This means that if your mother or father suffered from anxiety, the chances that you will experience it are higher, especially if you witness their symptoms firsthand.

Your group of friends can provide your life with messages of encouragement, long talks and even a meaningful hug. But what happens when there is stress in your friendships or romantic relationships? Many people feel pressure from the outside world – including their immediate environment – to be happier, better and more supportive. When we feel like we're falling short, we often feel overwhelmed, which leads to anxiety symptoms. The same thing happens when someone we trust and love disappoints or betrays us, or when we go through a major change. Even the most beautiful events, such as marriage or the birth of a child, can cause unexpected negative emotions. Most of the time, the best way to combat these thoughts and feelings is to talk to a professional about them.

Anxiety And Our Mobile Devices

Most of us are guilty of paying more attention to our phones, computers and tablets than to our partners, pets or even our children. In a world where you're constantly connected, it's easy to be constantly checking, scrolling or reading the latest news. However too much technology can lead to anxiety symptoms because it overstimulates the brain and nervous system, creating almost an addiction. We can suffer from anxiety about missing out if we leave our technology for a while and find that we're constantly thinking about it, wondering what others are doing online and saying what we missed. If being away from our devices makes us nervous, Whatley recommends talking to a close friend or colleague. That's because we crave connection and engagement, which our phones can provide instantly. A conversation can have the same effect and ease those feelings.

One of the factors that wears down the body and mind is anxiety and the problems it causes: Nervousness, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, worsening depression and general imbalance in the body. If you are looking for a comprehensive solution that will allow you to reduce anxiety and nervousness to a minimum, the following tips will help you.

If you have spent endless days in intense activities, try to finish as early as possible so that you have time to relax. This is one of the keys to preventing the exhaustion and fatigue of wakefulness (which are so useful during the day) from turning into anxiety. Finish early, take time to relax and disconnect from the world, especially when you desperately need sleep. A good example is valerian, which has a calming effect, reduces irritability and promotes sleep without causing dependence or complications like night terrors or feeling heavy the next day. It's the perfect solution when you need to restore your natural sleep cycle to stabilize your nervous system.

Your local business’ anniversary is a powerful marketing opportunity don’t waste it

Local Business Spotlight: If you have struggled to promote your local business or have a small budget, take advantage of an easy way to share your story about how your business is connected to your community. Anniversaries are great subject matter events to both promote your business but also squeeze the value out of the effort. With optimizing and tweaking, anniversary events can server many purposes and in the moment needs. They are great subject matter to heap on momentum your business has had. For instance… has your business completed it's first year in business? Or has your latest expansion location hit a milestone? Have an employee or leader on your team that deserves a shout out for sticking with the local business for so long? That's great! That says so much about a local business, and possibly never more so in poor economic conditions like inflationary pressures. These milestones can say a lot about your leadership, your team's effectiveness, as well as your customers' acceptance and patronage.

Why Local Business Anniversary Celebrations Are Multipurpose Events

Your customers' loyalty and successes with your services or products in your local area are probably a big reason why your business has been around for so long. Pay extra attention to your customers to shape the messaging of how you will mark the event. Remember, all things considered, your potential customers will more believe what your customers say about you than you saying the same thing about yourself. You can use customer stories and testimonials about how the company or technology has changed over time, customer testimonials about why they like working with your team, or customer photos or case studies about how they use your product as part of celebration themes. These things get you more positive support and third-party validation and credibility for the progress you've made so far. A thriving local business will have many good reviews on sites like Google and Yelp as visible proof of delivering products and services well in the area. Anniversary events are a terrific catalyst to substantively express some gratitude in their direction.

A business anniversary is more than just a way to mark the passage of time. It's a great chance to thank employees for their hard work, recognize loyal customers and attract new ones, get media attention for the milestone, or even raise money for charity on behalf of your company. Some companies use the anniversary of their office to talk about how long-term employees have been there. Still not convinced? Here are four easy reasons to celebrate the anniversary of your business: You and your employees have earned it. Building a business and making it grow is hard work. Celebrating an important anniversary can boost employee morale and keep everyone motivated to keep working until the next anniversary. An anniversary is a chance to get potential customers and the media interested in your business. Customers also like things to be happy about.

Customers may come to your business on your anniversary if you have promotions or events that are fun and creative. It's an easy way to get a better name. Only 44% of businesses make it through their first five years. When your business hits a big anniversary, like 10, 20, or 50 years, it shows customers that you have a strong foothold in the industry and in the community. You're not going away.

When your small business turns one, it's a great time to start something new. You can look back to see how far you've come, but it's also important to look forward. Remind your customers that you're an innovative company that will be around for a long time. If you've been meaning to launch a new product or service for years, your anniversary is the perfect time to do it. As part of your anniversary marketing ideas, you could even hold a contest or offer a special discount.

THE Event Your Local Business Should Schedule Ahead Of Time To Promote

The other advantage of Anniversary Event promotion is that it doesn't come as a surprise.  You can plan ahead for it.  Give it some thought and intention.  This article can help you here.  Planning an event is a great way to mark a special occasion like a local business' anniversary. Many companies choose to celebrate the event with a party or an all-hands event, which brings together the people who matter most. It also gives you a date to look back on your success and think about how you've grown in the future (see the below advice about press releases).

But keep in mind, that increases the costs and many tight small effective group businesses and consultancies don't have the broader social circles or on tighter budget limitations to create a draw to an event.  Fortunately, there are many ways to effectively promote this important milestone moment in your local business without a Silicon Valley budget and extravagance.

Social Media Is A Natural Fit For Any Local Business' Anniversary Campaign

If you add a video to your mix of channels to get the message out about the anniversary, you've made your effort that much more effective. Video is the PRIMARY format that works across all channels for engagement. Video no longer has to be a budget busting filming production to be valuable to a local business' marketing goals. A brief sixty second video of the announcement, done in multiple video formats to go out to the various social media platforms will both optimize and maximize the benefits.

Press Release And The Anniversary?

Yes, a classic press release is still always good move if your company has something original, fun, and newsworthy to say. Announcing new expansions and locations like this plumbing company did are great events for Press Releases.  For many of the same reasons, Anniversary celebrations are also valuable to cement the moment in history in the digital record that is the internet. And they can get you additional audience with the exposure they can bring to your brand and it's publicly viewed and promoted content. Don't pass up on this opportunity to always be selling. And remember, Anniversary content does not come with the additional cost of the expansions.  You might even look at it as a way to help recoup those costs.

Think about hiring a PR or marketing firm with local area marketing experience to help you craft and handle the follow through on these small but crucial details to get this word out about your business's anniversary in a way that maximizes the peculiar benefits of press releases, and your whole endeavor.

Creating Multimedia Content From Your Local Business' Upcoming Anniversary

This is one of the best work anniversary ideas for employees: get the whole team together for a company photo to freeze the moment in time. You don't have to hire a professional photographer, but you could if you wanted to. All you need is a smartphone with a tripod. Make sure to frame a print for the office and share a digital copy on the social media channels your company uses.

Employees want to know that their bosses see and care about them, and they are especially proud when the CEO notices. Have the CEO of your company record a short but heartfelt message to the team to mark a big milestone for your company. If it's the company's anniversary, this video could also be used as an interesting social media post. Customers like to be able to put a face to the businesses they use often, so seeing the CEO celebrate an anniversary with his or her team can be a great way to market the business.

An anniversary is a great time to do some creative branding, so why not make a special landing page for your anniversary? This landing page can be linked to from all of your social media posts and can include your unique anniversary logo, company history, and branding that is specific to your anniversary. Think of a unique slogan, like “30 years of excellence” or “A decade of fun,” and build your campaign around it.

If you don't have a social media manager on staff, hiring one, even for a short time, can have a big effect on how many people know about your business' anniversary. A social media manager can help you create branded social media posts for your company's anniversary. These posts can be shared on all social media channels during the week, month, or year of your anniversary. A social media manager can also help you plan ahead and do some PR after your anniversary to further stretch out the content visibility. Even though this company birthday marketing idea isn't as flashy as a brand truck or public event, social media management makes sure you have the best brand anniversary campaigns on all possible platforms smoothly, with no hiccups or stalls in deployment.

Don't Leave Out Video Media For Your Local Business Anniversary

Have a YouTube channel?  Rarely upload a video in it?  Freshen up the activity and visibility of the channel with a new video about the anniversary.  Snapping it with hand held mobile device is fine.  YouTube is littered with channels by local businesses that started a YouTube plan, and quit.  If you just plan ahead every year to generate quick and easy video content from predictable Anniversary promotions, would you not be a step ahead of the competition in your area?  In many digital channels, the old axiom that “80 percent of winning is just showing up” rings true.

Tip: Use an infographic to show how the company has grown over time and take a trip down memory lane.

Whether you started with one product, location or service locally and turned it into a portfolio of offerings or you started with a small group of beta users and now have customers all over the city, a visual representation of growth gets people's attention. Share this infographic on social media and with editors to help them understand what your articles are about.

Tip: Think about making a special logo with your company's slogan and the number of years it has been in business.

Do Something Meaningful With Your Local Business' Anniversary

Time willing, reach out to professionals in your area who are involved with the charity. For example, many people on the boards of nonprofits also run successful businesses in the area. Offer your current and potential clients a charitable donation tied to your anniversary (for example, $100 for 100 years, $10 for ten years) for new business brought in under a limited run. You can also celebrate your anniversary with special events and invite your partner organization to one or all of them. Think workshops, symposiums or even starting that B2B industry podcast. But at the very least, keep the option open on any of your anniversary plans to generate digital content that can promote a cause dear to you.   You are after all paying to hold the megaphone in the digital street corner.  For only a couple of mentions, a lot of good can be possible.  Don't forget to take mobile pics for sharing on social media with those whom share your passion. Make these efforts extensions of your values and priorities. As a local business owner, isn't multi-tasking and consolidating efforts a daily thing for you? Use that same mindset here for a great experience for everyone who touches your brand.

Tips: One of the easiest and most obvious ways to market an anniversary is to just say so in the channels you already use daily to connect with customers.


People will intuit that you are reliable, trustworthy, and know what you are doing if your business has been around for X number of years. Include the anniversary of your small business in all of your editable and digital marketing materials to help build this sense of credibility. For instance: Add a time line to the “About” page of your website. Use a tagline in your email signature. Use social media to share pictures and mobile phone video of your business. Make a new logo for the anniversary. Volunteer for something in the local area and snap pics. As people keep seeing these reminders of how old your company is, they will subconsciously link it to success and trustworthiness. Longevity is a marker of success!  Congratulations.  May this article help you bring in new clients or customers who are looking for a business they can trust that has been around for a while.

Expert Chicago Plumber: Find The Hidden Leaky Pipe Plumbing Clues Before The Season Changes

Is your Chicago water bill increasing in spite of a decrease in household consumption?

You may have a plumbing leak in your home.  That plumbing leak in your home will raise your water consumption, which will result in a rise in your water bill.  If your home has a plumbing leak, it should be addressed promptly.  Not only do leaks increase water bills, but they also cause water damage to furnishings, encourage mold growth, and increase the danger of allergic reactions and mold poisoning. As a result, these are the main reasons why you may have a plumbing leak and why you should immediately contact a professional to repair it.

Constant leaks or pouring water from pipes can not only cause structural damage to your home by causing moist walls, but they can also significantly increase your power cost.

Almost every home, workplace, or structure utilizes a variety of plumbing systems, including pipes, valves, faucets, and tanks, and as a result, drains and pipes may become inoperable.  This is the time to seek out experienced plumbers if you require plumbing services.  It is critical to maintaining the plumbing infrastructure in industrialized countries of the urbanized world in order to reduce water waste and improve public health.

This article's information is intended to provide an overview of the overall value of plumbing services in relation to the problems below that they solve.

Our Plumbing In Chicago Has Been Hit Especially Hard With Rainfall

It's true, Chicago and much of Illinois have been hit with unexpected record rainfall for over a decade.   All this record volume of water has often exceeded its capacity.  Many homes in these areas deal with backflow from sewer systems where large volumes after a big rainstorm sit.

With the possibility of more rainfall coming soon as we move into Spring weather and rain showers, it's a good time to check on any Chicago plumbing system's pipes.  And that includes the connections extending into a yard to the street's sewer system.  Are they cracked, worn, or split?  What could be causing it? Have tree roots moved the pipe, stressing its integrity?  What can we spot today, to avoid expensive water damage tomorrow?

Let's investigate this together below.

Chicago Plumber

If you see any of the following, you should immediately contact a plumber.

Are you continually on the lookout for affordable plumbing repairs?
This most likely indicates that something is amiss with your plumbing.  Investing in new pipes can result in significant cost savings in the long run.  Water pressure issues are not typically the result of clogged pipes, but they can be.  When debris or corrosion accumulates in your pipes, it can obstruct the flow of water and cause it to spray out of your faucet.

The Inevitable Plumbing System Pipe Degradation Peculiar To Chicago

Corroded pipes are more brittle than regular pipes, making them more prone to leak.

Corroded pipes are frequently difficult to repair (and maybe impossible), so it is preferable to replace them.

Pipes that have cracked or broken are one of the most common causes of leaks in modern homes.
Cracks occur for a variety of reasons like Abrasion and degradation, Pipes of poor quality, and even temperatures below zero.  Worn pipes are easily damaged, even more so when the water pressure is strong.
Microcracks form as a result of the pressure and eventually evolve into full-blown cracks, resulting in water leaks.

Now, while this is all true in pipes in general, Chicago pipes have 1 more additional stress… our decade-long record rainfall.  Our plumbing systems have been overwhelmed by a record volume of water passing thru the sewer systems under our feet in all of Illinois.

That additional stress has resulted in many a basement being overflooded with sewer backup during and after major rainfalls.

If you have an older plumbing system, upgrade it immediately to avoid future leaks.

Installing new pipes eliminates this accumulation, restoring normal water pressure.

Naturally, this can be difficult to detect if your pipes are concealed behind walls.  However, if you observe these corrosion indications, you should consult a plumber about replacing your pipes.  When it comes to dirty pipes, another issue is the potential of germs, mold, and other microorganisms becoming entrenched.  These germs offer a major threat to the health of your family, as they are capable of causing a number of ailments.  Perhaps you left unwashed dishes in the sink for an extended period of time or flushed food scraps down the drain.  Bacteria quickly infect these areas and endanger your health; when you make meals, these bacteria can readily enter the contents and contaminate them.

Contact a reputable plumber to clean your pipes of clogs and other plumbing issues.

Enlisting the assistance of experienced and qualified plumbers ensures that any large or minor plumbing problem is resolved quickly, permanently, and affordably.

If your home's pipes are made of substandard material, cracks and leaks can occur.
Invest in a high-quality PVC, metal, or galvanized steel pipe.

Pipes are exposed to extremely low temperatures during the winter, which causes water to freeze.
By insulating outside plumbing in the winter, you may avoid such situations and safeguard your property from water damage.

Because the majority of drains are concealed, many homeowners neglect to clean them until a clogged sink or toilet arises.  Unfortunately, clogged drains consume more time than a few minutes when you use the plunger.
Additionally, they create drain pipe leaks.  Clogged pipes obstruct the flow of sewage into the treatment plant.
This can result in broken pipes, causing havoc in your home or yard.

If you don't want septic waste floating in your yard or sewage backing up into your toilet or sink, you need routinely clear your drains to avoid obstructions.   Among the other measures are the following:

Avoid pouring grease down the drain.  Do not flush personal hygiene products into the toilet (even if they have a “flushable” label).  Place a strainer over the shower drain to keep hair out of the pipes.

Finally, avoid drain cleaners that contain strong chemicals. Chemicals can degrade metal pipes, increasing their susceptibility to wear and leakage.

Decade Long Record Flooding in Chicago Illinois

Decade Long Record Flooding in Chicago Illinois

Local water utilities provide high-pressure water to high-rise buildings and fire hydrants in your neighborhood, but that pressure may be too high for your home.  As a result, a pressure regulating valve is installed to lessen the pressure of the water entering your home from the mainline.

When the pressure in the pipes surpasses a specific level, often about 75 psi, it can create cracks and leaks.

Increased water pressure is typically indicative of a faulty pressure reduction valve:

Water leaks occur in a variety of ways, from tiny drops to constantly running toilets.

When you turn on the faucet, water spits out Knocking noises coming from the pipes

Appliances such as water heaters suffer from unexpected wear and tear.

A competent plumber can resolve low water pressure issues in your house and save you money on pipe repair and appliance replacement.

Your plumbing system moves, shifts, and separates as a result of structural movement.

For instance, when foundations shift, buildings quake, or fractures form, your plumbing system may be impacted.  Movement displaces pipes, loosens joints, and generates friction, all of which contribute to premature pipe wear.  Structures can also move as a result of natural forces such as earthquakes.  If you are anticipating plumbing work at your house, you should contact us immediately.  Even if you can't see your pipes, if you know what to look for, there are still some visual warning signs that they need to be replaced.

Keep an eye out for these types of situations, as they can result in leaking pipes.
Employ a plumber to conduct professional inspections following an earthquake or if you fear the foundation of your property has shifted.

But one of the big problems here in Chicago is the tree roots that almost every home's yard has near their plumbing lines.  These roots can not only bend and move a pipeline over the years but also crack them to get inside for moisture.

These have been the toughest problems for plumbers to deliver a solution that is affordable and fully opens the obstructions.  Until now.  There are now engineered tools that can not only safely chop and remove the roots inside the line (without tearing up your yard) but even clean the inner surface of the pipe of other matter and corrosion that can lead to other degradation of the pipe.

Drain Cleaning in Chicago

Roots Growing Into An Underground Pipe

Even Toilet Leaks Can Also Be The Culprit

Before we discuss phantom flushes (spoiler alert: they are not phantoms), it's worth reviewing the fundamentals of toilet anatomy.  To begin, there is the bowl that contains the water and the cistern that contains the mechanics.

When the toilet is flushed, a chain attached to the handle raises a lid that covers a hole in the cistern's bottom.
This allows water to flow into the bowl's siphon tube.  As the siphon tube fills, it suctions water from the bowl until it empties, producing the distinctive sucking sound.  Once the water has drained from the tank and into the bowl, the tank's fill valve begins to reintroduce water into the tank, where it flows into the bowl.  On the fill valve is a lever with a rubber balloon attached.  The balloon floats on top of the water, gradually filling the tank until the fill valve closes and the flushing operation is completed.

One of the first things you can do if your drain is clogged is to attempt some tried-and-true procedures.
Your parents or neighbors undoubtedly advised you to pour baking soda and vinegar down the drain and wait for the chemical reaction to take effect.

It appears to be a straightforward remedy to a little issue, yet it is not always effective.  This may clean your pipes slightly around the obstruction, but it is unlikely to eliminate a significant clog that is impeding water flow.

Drains that become clogged can be more than just a tremendous inconvenience.

They restrict you from using the faucet, which might significantly complicate your regular routines.
You cannot do dishes and hence cook a nice supper if your kitchen is a complete mess.

Perhaps it might occur in the bathroom and result in a day without showering, which would be bad enough in and of itself.  The lengthy wait for plumbers might be intolerable, which is why many individuals take matters into their own hands.  Keep these points in mind prior to performing a do-it-yourself drain cleaning, and you should be OK.  Take your time and don't be afraid to call in the specialists if you find yourself in a bind.

It is critical to thoroughly inspect and test all drains in your home, including those in the sink, bathtub, shower, and washing machine.  If your drain is clogged or slow, use a plumbing snake to unclog it.  A plumber's snake, alternatively referred to as a drain snake, is a flexible auger tool used to clear a clog that has caused a blockage.
Additionally, the plumber's snake or drain auger is useful for a variety of tasks, including unclogging obstructions that are difficult or impossible to unclog with a plunger.  Here's a new problem tho… the 21st century clogged drains are made of things more than hair now.  Handi-wipes… hello.

When hair and debris enter the drain, bathtubs, showers, and sinks become clogged.  Repairing and maintaining a home is time-consuming and labor-intensive.  There are service companies that provide a broad range of plumbing and gas services for business and residential properties. But many of them apply the same old Rooter tool to these new 21st century clogged drains.  The prudent course of action is to contact a local plumber who can provide new superior technological answers to all of these new domestic plumbing difficulties.

Okay, so what's next?

Who to call to troubleshoot our plumbing repair problem?

You should pick a plumbing team that is professional, well-trained, and educated about regulatory requirements and safety precautions.  If you want the services of a plumber, there are a few things you can do to expedite the process.

They shall adhere to all applicable construction and safety codes while doing their duties.

A competent plumber is capable of installing or repairing any type of plumbing system.  It is critical to maintaining a plumbing-free structure or residence.

Tip: Ask your plumber if they know about, and can deliver Hydro Jetting drain cleaning service.  That is a good bellwether question to test if your plumber is staying current with new drain cleaning technology.

The more information you can supply regarding the problem and your plumbing system in general, the more easily the plumber can estimate the cost.  Take mobile phone pics of your problem from different angles.  Your plumber should be able to give you a reasonable quote (absent surprises when actually looking at it IRL) over the phone or webchat.  A plumber that can communicate well his solutions to any plumbing problem greatly helps YOU make the right call.

Today, plumbing is a well-established profession, with a high need for competent and efficient plumbers.

Rocket Plumbing Team Recognized as Navien Tankless Water Heater Service Specialists

Rocket Plumbing, a company based in Chicago, IL, is proud to announce that their team has attended a Navien Training Class that was sponsored by Black Diamond Plumbing & Mechanical and allows Rocket Plumbing to be recognized as a Navien Service Specialist (NSS) and Navien Approved Installer and Service Provider. Navien is considered a leader in condensing tankless technology and has made a commitment to work with partners such as Rocket Plumbing to offer the best products and installation expertise in the industry.

The training taken by the Rocket Plumbing professionals was focused on Navien’s product line that includes tankless water heaters, condensing combi-boilers, and condensing heating boilers. It was also about helping customers choose the best model for their particular requirements. The Rocket Plumbing professionals are experts in taking into account typically overlooked factors, such as line pressure, ground temperature, and a return line to make sure that the customer will get hot water instantly after turning on the faucet.

Brian McMahon, owner of Rocket Plumbing, has this to say about the Navien training class attended by his professionals, “We're excited to continue bringing the best technology and innovations to our customers and knowing it will be installed correctly.”

Rocket Plumbing can install and/or repair Navien tankless water heaters, whether condensing or non-condensing. The plumbing industry veterans from the company can readily install the NPE and NPE-2 series of Navien condensing tankless water heaters. These units are designed to replace inefficient tank heaters, thus allowing customers to save on electricity, natural gas, and water. Other advantages include lower maintenance costs, an endless supply of hot water, and longer product life.

Meanwhile, the new NPN series from Navien is the first and only non-condensing tankless water heaters that provide a tough and long-lasting stainless steel heat exchanger, a patented stainless steel burner design, and a choice of outdoor or indoor operation in one unit. Also available for installation by Rocket Plumbing plumbers are the Navien condensing combi-boilers and condensing heating boilers.

The Navien combi-boilers are for customers who want a high-efficiency condensing combination boiler that can supply both heat and domestic hot water for bigger homes, or enough hydronic heat for the whole house, plus hot water for up to three showers and a dishwasher simultaneously. Meanwhile, the Navien heating boilers are suitable for an automated manufacturing environment. They are provided with many suitable features, such as a patented heat exchanger, advanced controls, and flexibility of venting materials and venting configurations.

Rocket Plumbing is a plumbing service provider with various locations in and around the Chicago area. One of their vital services is clogged drain cleaning. Homeowners and other property owners can avoid future repairs of sewer and drain lines through the use of their drain cleaning service. This includes: cleaning of clogged toilets and toilet drains; cleaning of clogged sink drain; cleaning of main sewer drain and sewage backups; cleaning of laundry tub drain; cleaning of blocked dishwasher drain; cleaning of blocked garbage disposal drain; snaking of backing up toilets and blocked sewers; remedy for stopped sinks, basin and tub drains; cleaning of clogged shower drain; cleaning of blocked outside drain; cleaning of floor drain backups and floor drain; snaking of stopped stack drain and cleaning of roof drain; and snaking backed up drains, sewer snakes, and unclogging drains.

Other services provided by Rocket Plumbing include repair of water leaks, toilet repair, toilet replacement, garbage disposal, gas leak, water heater installation or repair, and tankless water heater installation or repair.

Water leak repair service is vital because this can result in serious damage to the home, property, or business. Homeowners and other property owners are advised to be on the lookout for any signs of a water leak. This could be done by looking at the water bill and finding out if the water consumption is too high for the number of people living in the property; checking for toilets that refill in between flushes; looking for drips and moist ground during dry weather, and installing a digital leak detection system.

Those who require the services of a reliable plumber in Chicago and neighboring areas can check out the Rocket Plumbing website, or contact them on the phone or via email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

The Daily Detail Offers Car Detailing In And Around Austin

The Daily Detail Mobile Car Detailing, based in Austin, Texas, would like to reach out to vehicle owners in the area who may be in search of a reliable, high quality detailing service. The Daily Detail places a great deal of emphasis on the customer and their needs. As the founder of the company, Dev Parker, says, “We focus on taking the time to hear about our customers' prioritized details, in addition to keeping our rates competitive and having flexible hours. We are always trying to exceed Daily Detail expectations to get that customer satisfaction, and we appreciate all the feedback we get.”

The Daily Detail Car Detailing is probably the best and most valuable maintenance program for your vehicle. Car detailing is an important single process that covers a wide variety of techniques and products which, to get the best results, require considerable skill to apply. It is considered an efficient renovation and protection of the various surfaces of a vehicle to keep it working in good condition. As we are mobile, we can do your auto detailing at your home or office, as long as our work space is not inhibited by such things as low hanging tree branches, parked cars or anything else that would limit our access to our van or to your vehicle. Give us a try!

The Texas car detailing company offers vehicle owners a unique advantage in that their services are not rooted to any one location. They can detail a customer's vehicle almost anywhere, and they can come to wherever is most convenient to the car’s owner. As long as the location the customer prefers does not impose limits on The Daily Detail team, such as low hanging tree branches, parked cars or anything else that would limit their access to their van, the work can be done — and at a very competitive rate. The Daily Detail’s units are all self-contained and can supply their own water, power and cleaning products. The company is also always more than willing to create a program that meets each customer’s unique needs.

Auto detailing offers a whole range of benefits and can make a very big difference regarding the appearance of a vehicle. “Auto detailing is probably the best and most valuable maintenance program for your vehicle,” says The Daily Detail Car Detailing. “Car detailing is an important process that covers a wide variety of techniques and products which, to get the best results, require considerable skill to apply. It is considered an efficient renovation and protection of the various surfaces of a vehicle to keep it working in good condition.”

The Daily Detail is dedicated to providing quality service at highly competitive rates. The company’s main goal is always to ensure that their customers receive the very best service there is. Their cleaning products are eco-friendly, for instance, and all their interior products are organic. Each detailing job takes less than a gallon of water, and the company takes strenuous measures to ensure that nothing is wasted.

Inclement weather can ruin a fresh detailing job, so The Daily Detail makes it their job to monitor the daily weather forecast and reschedule with customers whenever the forecast predicts rain or other undesirable weather conditions. Visit https://thedailydetail.com for more information on the company and their car detailing services.

There are multiple packages available from The Daily Detail for both interior and exterior detailing jobs. Their packages include a basic wash, protective ceramic or grapheme coating, paint polishing, headlight restoration, decal removal and odor removal. One can also get a decontamination wash at The Daily Detail. “Most vehicle exterior surfaces are filled with contaminants,” says the company. “Things like bugs, bird droppings, water spots, tree sap spots, iron deposits, brake dust and overspray. Before applying wax or any of the various products you can use to protect your paint, it is recommended that you physically and chemically decontaminate your paint.”

There are three interior packages available. The basic package covers basic interior cleaning, aimed at simply getting rid of dirt and odors and ensuring that the vehicle’s interior is free of visible dirt. The advanced interior package goes a step further and cleans out the vehicle’s interior thoroughly. Finally, the OCD package offers a comprehensive, thorough cleaning of the vehicle’s interior, including all the hard to reach corners of the vehicle. The Daily Detail offers all of these packages at competitive rates, and one can have their vehicle cleaned anywhere, whether they prefer to do it at home or at the office.

For more on The Daily Detail, visit the company’s YouTube channel, which has a number of videos on the vehicle detailing process. Get in touch with the Texas car detailing service for quality service at great rates today.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]