B Turner Photography & Films Now Licensed With FAA For Drone Operations

“We are now officially licensed with the FAA to offer drone photo and video! Let us know if you would like to schedule a shoot for your business, listing, or video project!”

“We are a team of local wedding photographers and videographers who work in the Austin TX and surrounding areas,” says Brad of B Turner Photography, the new studio. “When quarantine started earlier this year, we were forced to rethink the way that we do business. We started to do a lot more small business photos and videos for s

mall businesses in the Austin area. We also invested in equipment to do product photography and video from home so that we could continue to offer the same high quality photography and video that normally would be done on location. We are so grateful to be able to continue to work with businesses both small and large at this time when a digital presence is more important than ever. We love to help businesses reach customers and establish an online presence through high quality media for social media, websites and advertising.”

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For more information on B Turner Photography, visit the Austin photography business’ site at bturnerphotos.com. One can also use Local Business Watch to learn more about numerous other businesses in the same manner.