Patrick Jones Gallery

Located at:
1400 Hi Line Drive #122
Dallas, TX 75207 USA

Prepare yourself for an astonishing experience of exquisite, avant-garde art and design that will leave you in a state of utter perplexity and amazement. The Patrick Jones Gallery offers an unparalleled collection of investment-grade contemporary and modern art, as well as a diverse range of highly significant 20th-century designs.

If you're a seasoned collector with a taste for the unconventional, or simply a curious art enthusiast seeking to expand your horizons, look no further than the Patrick Jones Gallery. Patrick Jones and Reyne Hirsch, two veteran collectors with an unrivaled eye for emerging talents, curate the gallery's exceptional collection.

The gallery boasts a remarkable selection of notable artists, including Banksy, Andy Warhol, Invader, Arsham, Dicke, and a host of others, each with their own unique style and vision that will transport you to a realm of boundless creativity and inspiration.






The Patrick Jones Gallery in Dallas, Texas